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There is an incredible opportunity for all constituents to read a beautiful devotional book written by the K-12 students in the Arizona Conference. This devotional, titled "My Encounter with Jesus" contains first-hand accounts of how Jesus is touching the hearts and lives of our students. Copies can be purchased at

 https://www.thedevangroup.com/org/azcschools/my-encounter-with-jesus/ for just $12.99/copy. We are encouraging anyone who is able to purchase extra copies that could be given to a child who can't afford to purchase a copy of this wonderful book that they helped to author. Please be blessed and order now. What a joy for these students to share with you all! We appreciate your promotion of this. 

Nicole Mattson, Superintendent of Schools
Arizona Conference Corporation of Seventh-day Adventists
C: 269-788-2190O: 480-991-6777