Dear Church Officers,

    Thank you for serving our Lord through ministry and service to the Cottonwood Adventist church congregation.  Click on the links below for various schedules. 

    Please send electronic schedules to the webmaster for posting.

Elders are asked to contact members on their Connection Card list on a regular

basis and especially during the Corona Virus pandemic.  God bless you.

Church Family Connection Card


Board Meetings    
Elders Meeting -- 1st Tuesday of the Month, 7 pm    
School Board -- 2nd Tuesday of the Month, 7 pm    
Church Board -- 3rd Tuesday of the Month, 7 pm    
Church Officers List 2019-2020 2nd reading
Church Officers List 2020-2021 2nd reading    
Church Offering and Sunset Schedule 2021    
Deacon Schedule Dec 2019    
Deaconess Schedule 1st Qtr 2020    Deacons/ness Training and Resource    
Elders Schedule   2019-2020      Elders Training & Resource    
Multi Media Operator Schedule                        2021    
Fellowship Hall Teacher's Schedule                2019-2020    
Sanctuary Large Alcove Teacher's Schedule 1919 - 1st Half 2020    
Family Life Newsletter by Dena Colon  Jan/Feb 2021    
Visitor Lunch Guidelines Part 1Part 2     
Sabbath Lunch Hosting Schedule
General Potluck 1st and 3rd week           2019 - 2020
Visitor Lunch:   Invite them to your home.    
Cottonwood Church Praise Time Song Titles    

EIKI Video Projector User Manual           EIKI Service Manual

dbx AFS2 Manual

Galaxy 19 - Adventist Satellite technical data     
Easy Worship Introductory Training by Pastor Lawson                                  
Online Training by Easy Worship     
how to prepare a PowerPoint presentation    
Using PowerPoint 2010 Training    
Tutorials on using a variety of Microsoft Office Products    
Audio-Visual Capability:   Audio tracks may be on cassettes or cds. Video presentations may be on vhs or dvd. Computer presentations in powerpoint or photos may be brought on jump drive or cd.  If you are bringing media of any complexity or have a rehearsal planned contact the Multi-Media Operator on duty or John Allen, Multi-Media Chairperson.    
  Multi-Media Operators may check the Elders Schedule to know what is to be projected and played during Praise and Sharing time (10:45-11:00 am)
The church computer is set up for viewing Word, PowerPoint, Moxilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Easy Worship.