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   The Cottonwood SDA Church Library has a variety of print, video and

audio materials availablefor  members and regular attendees to enjoy.  You may study further into the historical background and teaching of the church along with items for personal enrichment and enjoyment.
   The library contains a variety of materials for study into the meaning of the scriptures, background, history, and teachings of Christianity in general and the Adventist church.  Books to help church leaders and
workers do their jobs, and books on prayer, bible study, marriage, and parenting skills are available.  Nature stories, biographies of Adventist pioneers, missionaries, teachers, and other story books for young
and old fill the shelves of our library.

   Reference Materials:  The Library contains a reference section with Study Bibles, Concordances, Bible Concordances, and Ellen White writings for use while studying in the library.  Reference materials are not available for loan and are not to leave the library. 

   Circulating Materials:  We have numerous books, videos, CDs, and periodicals which may be borrowed.  Some Ellen White books are available for loan.  A list of materials available is on the LIBRARY CATALOG page.

   Library Policies:
   1. Members and regular visitors of the Cottonwood SDA church may borrow materials.
   2. Circulating materials are available for loan for two weeks, after which time, they need to be returned to the library so others may enjoy them. 
   3. Reference materials are available for use in the library and are not to leave the library.
   4. Three to five items may be borrowed at one time.
   5. Parents should accompany their minor children in the library and assist in the selection and check out of materials for their children.   
   6. When borrowing items, sign your name and phone number on the checkout card for the item.  Leave the checkout card in the book or video checkout box. 
   7. When returning items, place them in the "returns box" so the librarian may check them back into the library. 

   The library is open after church service each Sabbath when you are welcome to look for items that
interest you.  We hope you are richly blessed by the library.  


   Cottonwood SDA Church Librarians
   Roger Doering, Librarian
   Ruby Schmidt, Assistant Librarian


Library Online Resource Links

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Daily Devotional
The Ellen G. White Estate, Inc.
Ellen G. White Writings
SDA Geo-Science Research Institute
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SSNet Adult Sabbath School Lessons

 The library has a computer where certain off-line resources may be studied while at the library.  These include searching the Ellen G White resource CD ROM, various Bible Study tools, and searching the library catalog.  Additional resources are on the way. The library computer is NOT online.  The librarian saves reference materials on the hard drive for your use. 

Offline Study resources

Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary - available for study in the library


             Ellen G. White          James and Ellen White, Founders of the SDA Church 1864