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2021-04-10 Elder Jac Colon The Wood Cutters
2021-04-03      Pastor Vince Woolsey               Program: Cantata - The Road to the Cross                
Elder Dennis Canther
Arrows for  Your Bow
2021-03-20 Pastor Woolsey Open Communion
2021-03-13 Pastor Woolsey Church Business Meeting
2021-03-13 Elder Todd Moore Pull Over
2021-03-06 Pastor Vince Woolsey Onward and Upward
2021-02-27 Elder Jac Colon The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11
2021-02-20 Pastor Vince Woolsey Finding Grace in Gibeon
2021-02-13 Pastor Vince Woolsey What is Love?
2021-02-06 Pastor Vince Woolsey Act Justly, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly
2021-01-30 Pastor Vince Woolsey The Walls of Jericho
2021-01-23 Elder Jorge Ramirez It's All About Jesus
2021-01-16 Pastor Vince Woolsey The Scarlet Cord
2021-01-09 Pastor Vince Woolsey Words Matter
2021-01-02 Pastor Vince Woolsey Uncharted Territory
2020-12-26 Elder Tod Moore                 The Gift                                                                      

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2020-12-19 Pastor Vince Woolsey Unwrapping Presence
2020-12-12 Elder Dennis Canther Unthankfulness
2020-12-05 Pastor Vince Woolsey We Would See Jesus
2020-11-28 Pastor Vince Woolsey Power, Love, and a Sound Mind
2020-11-21 Pastor Vince Woolsey A Psalm of Thanksgiving
2020-11-14 'dena Colon Read this First
2020-11-7 Verde Valley Adventist School "Our Minds"
2020-10-31 Pastor Vince Woolsey God Save the King
2020-10-24 Elder Jac Colon Isaac
2020-10-17 Pastor Vince Woolsey The Prayer of Jabez
2020-10-10 Elder Tod Moore If I Were You
2020-10-03 Pastor Vince Woolsey Help Wanted
2020-09-26 Elder Dave Hilbers You Are _Loved !
2020-09-19 Pastor Vince Woolsey A Pastor's Prayer
2020-09-12    Elder Jac Colon             Abraham, Friend of God                                        

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2020-09-05 Pastor Vince Woolsey       Sharing Grapes
2020-08-29 Pastor Vince Woolsey Grapes of Love
2020-08-22 Elder Dennis Canther Grapes
2020-08-15 Pastor Vince Woolsey The Way, the Truth, and the Life
2020-08-08 Elder Jac Colon Lot
2020-08-01 Pastor Vince Woolsey God of the Impossible
2020-07-25 Elder John Allen Samson
2020-07-18 Pastor Vince Woolsey Like A Good Neighbor   Baptism   Special Music
2020-07-11 Elder Jac Colon Abram
2020-07-04 Pastor Vince Woolsey Prepare The Way of the Lord

Elder Greg  Collins

How is your 20/20 vision in 2020?
2020-06-20 Elder John Schachinger One Thing
2020-06-13 Elder Tod Moore Are You Ready?
2020-06-06 Elder Don Quick                 The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory
2020-05-30      Elder Dave Hilbers             Always With Us

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2020-05-23 Elder Jac Co'lon Babel or Jerusalem
2020-05-16 Elder Dennis Canther Mountain Railway
2020-05-09 Elder Don Quick Joseph:  Elevator Man
2020-05-02 Elder Tod Moore Fear is not a Factor
2020-04-25 Tom Kingsbury, AWR rep God's Miricles Through Adventist World Radio
2020-04-18 Elder Jac Colon COVID-19 Social Distancing and the Church
2020-04-11 Elder Don Quick He Is Risen, He Is Coming
2020-04-04 Dena Colon Peace in the Storm
2020-03-28 Jonathon Collins Comfort for the Afflicted
2020-03-21 Elder Dennis Canther True Faith
2020-03-14 Elder Jac Colon Jesus is Lord 
2020-03-07 Guest Pastor Jim Brackett

The Eyes Have It          Cancer         

2020-02-29       Elder Don Quick                            Feeding the Multitude
2020-02-22 Elder John Allen                    Thy Neighbor
2020-02-15 Elder Dave Hilbers Protected
2020-02-08 Mrs. 'dena Colon He Looks Just Like Jac
2020-02-01 Elder Ed Keyes No Fear
2020-01-25 Pastor Bob Lawson Farewell Formula For Success
2020-01-19 Elder Lee Venden All About Jesus Sermons and Website
2020-01-18 Elder Lee Venden


2020-01-11 Elder Lee Venden Born Twice
2020-01-04 Pastor Bob Lawson Stirred Minds and Settled Hearts
2019-12-28 Elder Tod Moore Just Breathe
2019-12-21 Pastor Bob Lawson The Greatest Gift
2019-12-14 Pastor Bob Lawson The Journey
2019-12-07 Pastor Bob Lawson Cutting the Invisible Plank
2019-11-30 Elder Don Quick When Did He Do That?
2019-11-23 Pastor Bob Lawson The True Thanksgiving Meal
2019-11-16 Pastor Bob Lawson Keep On Running

Elder Jac Colon            

Happy Sabbath                                

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2019-11-02 Elder Jac Colon The Family of God
2019-10-26 Mrs. 'dena Colon God Has A Plan For You
2019-10-19 Elder Jac Colon Spiritual Gifts Today
2019-10-12 Pastor Bob Lawson Water and the Blood
2019-10-05 Pastor Bob Lawson 9 Keys to Understanding Revelation
2019-10-05 Elder Jac Colon Battle for the Mind
2019-09-28 Elder Jac Colon Building A Magnetic Church
2019-09-21 Pastor Bob Lawson Ordinary People   
2019-09-14 Elder Jac Colon Why Witness     Childrens Story
2019-09-07 Pastor Bob Lawson Chosen to Serve
2019-08-31 Pastor Bob Lawson The Contagion that Heals
2019-08-24 Jonathon Collins Rats and Righteousness
2019-08-17 Tom Kingsbury, AWR Omnipotent God, Unstoppable Radio
2019-08-10 Pastor Bob Lawson             Who's Bigger?                                         

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Pastor Bob Lawson Aim High
2019-07-27 Elder Jac Colon A Sword for the Lord
2019-07-20 Pastor Bob Lawson When They Prayed
2019-07-13 Pastor Bob Lawson Divine Appointments
2019-07-06 Stephanie Dawn The Completeness of Salvation in Christ
2019-06-29 Pastor Bob Lawson The Final Victory
2019-06-22 Elder Dennis Canther Go Fishing
2019-06-01 Pastor Bob Lawson Listen to the Stories
2019-05-25 Keith Wallace Martha Martha
2019-05-18 Pastor Bob Lawson Grace in Action
3019-05-11 Pastor Bob Lawson Answering the Invitation
2019-05-04 Pastor Bob Lawson The All Night Church Service
2019-04-27 Elder Dave Hilbers How Important
2019-04-20 Pastor Bob Lawson Special Program:  "Sin for Us"
2019-04-13 Pastor Bob Lawson                    Taking Up Your Cross                                
Bulletins & Sermons

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2019-04-06 Pastor Bob Lawson Keep the Stones Quiet
2019-03-30 Elder Ed Keyes Be Prepared
2019-03-23 Elder Jac Colon The Providence of God, Knowing His Will
2019-03-16 Pastor Lawson When God Isn't Fair
2019-03-08 Pastor Lawson Building on the Right Foundation
2019-03-02 Pastor Lawson The Way Home
2019-02-23 Turner Family Ed Turner Memorial
2019-02-23 Richard & Zetta Gore To God Be the Glory (video)
2019-02-23 Jonathon Collins What Do You Expect (starts partway into Gore story)
2019-02-20 Pastor Lawson Living the Light Tapping pwr wo getting zapped 2      
2019-02-16 Elder John Shachinger It's Where You Live


Pastor Lawson The Sign of Jonah
2019-02-02 Pastor Lawson The Real Deal
2019-01-26    Pathfinders & TAA       Pathfinders and TAA Chorale
2019-01-19 Pastor Lawson                                                     Reestablishing the Connection                           

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2019-01-14 Paul Volk Temptation Trust
2019-01-13 Paul Volk

Exercise 7 pm

2019-01-12 Paul Volk WARS 7 pm (Water, Air, Rest, Sunshine)
2019-01-12                     Paul Volk                            God's Testimonies

Pastor Bob Lawson                   

Unleashing the Power of Heaven
2018-12-29 Pastor Bob Lawson The Piercing
2018-12-22 Elder Dave Hilbers The Greatest Gift
2018-12-15 Pastor Bob Lawson Singing with the Angels
2018-12-09 Elder Al Scott Why, God, Why?
2018-12-01 Pastor Bob Lawson The Story That Never Grows Old  Technical Difficulty, advance 5 minutes to start
2018-11-24 Elder Dennis Canther Thank God
2018-11-17 Pastor Bob Lawson The Birthplace of Assurance
2018-11-10 Pastor Bob Lawson The Life Changing Power of Love

Pastor Bob Lawson                                                             

Keep the Path Clear                            

2018-10-27 Pastor Bob Lawson Close Encounters of the Best Kind
2018-10-20 Elder Jim Stevens God Isn't Finished With Me Yet


Elder Jim Stevens                        Jesus important lesson for his disciples
2018-09-29 Elder Jim Stevens From Pilot to Preacher
2018-09-22 Elder Jim Stevens Armageddon                                               
2018-09-15 Pastor Meant for Good
2018-09-08 Pastor To Tell or Not To Tell
2018-09-01 Pastor Restoring Life
2018-08-18 Pastor Restoring Sanity
2018-08-11 Az Sonshine Int Lives Touched
2018-08-04 Pastor Restoring Usefullness
2018-07-28 Elder John Allen Love Letters
2018-07-21 Pastor

Restoring Community

2018-07-14 Pastor Restoring Vision
2018-07-07 Elder Jac Colon                      America, Is it Free
2018-06-30 Elder Jac Colon       It is, what is it?   
2018-06-23 Pastor Bob Lawson Down From the Mountain
  Az Campmeeting  
2018-06-09 Az Campmeeting  
2018-06-02 Pastor Bob Lawson They May Forget
2018-05-26 Elder Don Quick Thou Shalt Not Kill
2018-05-19 Pastor Bob Lawson The Call to Remember
2018-05-12 Pastor Bob Lawson Seeking the Truth in Love
2018-05-05 Elder John Schachinger Like an Airport
2018-04-28 Elder Al Scott Take Away the Stone
2018-04-21 Pastor A Day of Days
2018-04-14 Elder Jac Colon From Cockpit to Pulpit
2018-04-07 Elder Jim Stevens 1:30 pm Evangelism Prep Meeting
2018-04-07 Elder Jim Stevens Seeing is Believing
2018-03-31 Pastor Bob Lawson Home At Last                                               


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