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A Communiqué from the Office of the President
APRIL 2021
It is a pleasure to share with Arizona constituents and friends the many wonderful things happening within our Conference. May you catch our vision for winning men and women, boys and girls to Jesus!
“Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God, and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. He who does not love, does not know God, for God is love. In this the love of God was manifested toward us, that God has sent his only son into the world that we might live through him. In this is love, not that we loved God, but that he loved us, and sent his son to be the means by which we are saved from our sins. Beloved if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another.” 1 John 4: 7-11 NKJV
This passage of scripture pretty much speaks for itself. There was a song that was sung by the late John Lennon of The Beatles that said, “all you need is love.” There are people who will argue with that statement, saying that there is a lot more that we need than just love. If you understand the kind of “love” that is being taught by the apostle John in this letter, then really that's all you need. Think about it friends, Jesus said, “If you love Jesus, you'll keep his commandments.” John 14:15. Isn’t that important? If you love God, then you'll love those people who are around you, and maybe even those who are halfway around the world.

I want each of you reading this today to think about how you “love.” Ask this question of yourself, and wait for a response from your inmost soul; how can I show true love to my neighbor, my friend, my spouse, my kids, my parents, my coworkers, my pastor, my … ? Fill in the blank. Truly all we need is love; God’s love!
On March 1st, after staff worship, I met with my fellow administrators in Adcom. I also had an online meeting with Advent Health to plan out our 2022 NAD Local Conference President’s Council.
I had the privilege of delivering the devotional to the Hispanic pastors of the Arizona Conference on March 2nd, and then sat in on the meeting Elder Abimael Escalante held for planning out the future of our Hispanic work in Arizona.
I spent the entire day of March 3rd in the Arizona Conference office with various appointments. In the middle of that day I ran out to donate blood, which is something I do four or five times a year.
On March 4th, I was a part of an all-day meeting with the North American Division President’s council planning team. That same evening, I made several visits in the Phoenix area.
I had a rare treat on March 5th of visiting with a friend that I have not seen since 1983, Gene Harmon. We grew up together in the wild streets of Jersey City, New Jersey. It was amazing to think about how both of us could have easily been killed at a very young age because of the things we did back then. He is now a missionary to China, and I’m a minister in God’s work as well.
On March 6th, I preached in Phoenix, and then on the 7th, I took a nice hike in the desert.
During the week of March 8th through 12th, I had a myriad of meetings and appointments, but in the midst of that week I received my first COVID-19 vaccination. I had tried really hard to get this shot, but with no success until now. I only had one day of side effects, which I’d much rather have then have COVID-19, that’s for sure.
On March 10th, we had an ordination committee in which we reviewed three pastors for ordination. I am pleased to say that all three handled this interview exceptionally well. Once the Pacific Union Conference votes to approve these names, I will share them in a future newsletter.
For the week of March 14th through 18th, I was in Pacific Union Conference meetings all week. Of course, all of the meetings were done by Zoom video conference. I don’t know why I started this, but I have been keeping track of how many Zoom meetings I have been a part of and I’m now over 250. I think it’s killing my eyes and I really can’t wait for the time we can start holding in-person meetings again.
During the week of March 21st to 26th, I was involved in fourteen committees and twelve personal appointments at the Conference Office. It was a super busy week that thankfully only happens every-other-month with our bi-monthly committee weeks.
Finally, for the last weekend of the month I was in Show Low for a baptism and a meeting with two of the three churches from that district concerning a potential pastoral transition. I want to tell each of you reading this that God is still working even in the midst of this pandemic, as the Springerville church had a baptism performed by Pastor Raul Maldonado of five precious souls that Sabbath. Show Low church, through the work of Bob and Cordy Midkiff, saw a precious woman named Lisa René baptized into the family of God.
Thank God for all of the work He is doing in and through His saints in Arizona.
May God continue to bless the Arizona Family of God.
Phoenix Crisis Turned to an Opportunity?
Randy, another Good News TV viewer, tells us that the programming on our channel always seems to be exactly what he needs to hear at that particular moment!
He is thankful the Lord led him to the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and said “it was time for me to put both feet into the Kingdom”. He began attending Camelback each week, integrating easily into the church family, and He was baptized recently by Pastor Stanton. He is looking forward to opportunities for ministry. 
Please pray for Randy and other viewers that are making decisions to follow Christ where ever He leads.
We know of additional viewers who are currently preparing for baptism. Please contact us if a GNTV viewer is attending your church. 

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Phoenix Crisis Turned to an Opportunity?
April 1, 2021, marks the 12th anniversary for when Good News TV officially started broadcasting in Phoenix, Arizona.
Since then, the ministry has grown from one channel in Phoenix to 24 channels throughout Arizona, covering 90% of the state on 7 stations, including: Phoenix, Prescott, Payson, Flagstaff, Yuma, Verde Valley and Tucson. 
We would love to be focused on celebrating this milestone, but we are impressed that now is not the time. We are faced with losing our channels in Phoenix within weeks!
We ask for your intercessory prayers, that God continue to lead and provide for our next step in Phoenix, just as He has so faithfully lead us in the past.
Two things are happening in Phoenix: First, the most urgent crisis Good News TV has faced; and second, a most amazing opportunity that could solve this crisis at precisely the same time! Coincidence? We think not. But, how will the Lord provide? 
THE CRISIS: Today (4/1/2021), on our 12th anniversary, we learned that within the next few weeks the station we lease channels from will be facing the biggest challenge possible for any broadcaster—They will be losing their broadcast frequency, which will take the whole TV station off-the-air, including our English and Spanish channels!
Although there is a complex back story to this that we could share off-line, in a nutshell this is the crisis we are facing! This by itself has left us uncertain of what to do.
But wait, there is twist to this, which could be God identifying the path we can take to solve both this urgent crisis, as well as the chronic broadcast problems we have been patiently waiting for those we lease from to fix for years. 
THE OPPORTUNITY: The very same day that we learned the station we broadcast on is losing its frequency, taking us off the air in Phoenix, we also learned that a different station in Phoenix is coming available for sale. What? It is extremely rare for a station to be available to purchase in Phoenix, but that is precisely what happened. In 12 years of broadcasting we’ve only known of one other station we could have purchased several years ago.
So, think about this: On the exact anniversary of Good News TV, we learn two things that tremendously impact our ministry:
· First, we learn that our channels will go off-the-air in Phoenix very soon, and
· Second, we learn that there is a station available for sale in Phoenix.
Is the Lord directing us in the next step for Phoenix? Is He taking away one opportunity so we will be confident to step out in faith with the other opportunity? It has caused us to pause and be encouraged to remember that, “with God all things are possible.”
So, now we are faced with having to make a very serious, complicated, and expensive decision about what to do next, and we need to do so in short order or else we’re going to be off the air.
We are more than willing to take either path, but we know, based on experience building and operating our own stations since 2014, that owning a station is a much more favorable than leasing channels for many reasons. But, how will the Lord provide? We need this decision to be aligned with God’s will and His provision.
The estimated value of the station up for sale is $2 million, and their asking price is $1.5 million. We anticipate they will be negotiable below this for various reasons. This is way beyond our reach. But owning would resolve many problems we’ve tried to patiently wait for someone else to solve. It sets us up to have control and much greater flexibility, instead of working around someone else’s priorities.
We know the Lord will provide according to His best plans!
“When we give ourselves wholly to God, and in our work follow His directions, He makes Himself responsible for its accomplishment. He would not have us conjecture as to the success of our honest endeavors. Not once should we even think of failure. We are to co-operate with One who knows no failure.”  COL 363
As our GNTV supporters and prayer warriors, we are reaching out to you for help. First and foremost, we ask that you please pray that God give us wisdom on how to move forward without delay. Secondly, if purchasing is the best option then we ask that you please pray that God provide the resources necessary.
If we search for another station to lease channels on we will likely find one. We have moved/leased channels from 3 different Phoenix stations so far. Each move confuses viewers, some of whom we lose in the shuffle. We are very willing to work through these issues and lease from yet another station. But is that the best option?
If, on the other hand, we purchase and operate our own TV station, just as we have done successfully in 5 of the 7 Arizona communities we broadcast in today, then there are many advantages to this that will help us become more effective in reaching souls for heaven.
The advantages of owning include: (1) having a “permanent home” for the channels we broadcast on; (2) having the control to quickly prioritize/fix our own broadcast issues rather than wait (sometimes for months/years) for those we lease from to solve them; (3) directing funds currently used for leasing costs to instead improve ministry operations; (4) starting HD (high-definition) broadcasting, as we do on other stations, attracting more viewers and cable carriers. (5) broadcasting on all channels of the station instead of some, delivering a consistent Christ-centered message.
Given this tight timeline, we ask that you please join us in prayer for God’s direction. And if you are impressed to help us pursue purchasing a station in Phoenix, thereby improving our overall effectiveness in reaching souls for heaven, please contact me promptly to discuss this further at 480-888-6981 or
Thank you for your faithful prayers and support of Good News TV!
Luke Skelton
Director, Media Ministry
My Encounter with Jesus
by Nicole Mattson, Superintendent of AZCSDA Schools
Several months ago, I was connected with an opportunity to have the students in the Arizona Conference contribute submissions to a book that would be published as a student-authored devotional. I jumped at the thought and worked to get everyone on board with detailed instructions, and even delivered small business cards to every school so that students could tout the proposed book cover artwork and the information needed for ordering. All said, we would need to have 300 orders to pay for the publishing of the book.
As entries began to trickle in from students, it became apparent that some were really sharing from the heart: they truly had an “Encounter with Jesus”. Even students as early as Kindergarten, with the help of parents and teachers, were sharing little details about how important their Jesus was to them. What became even more obvious was that for some students, we had given them a “voice” that was unlike any opportunity that they had ever had before, because people were not only listening, but a much larger audience would be bending their ear. Some were taking this opportunity for authorship and to share Jesus very seriously and were pouring their hearts out as if someone else’s salvation depended upon it. Maybe it does!
Of particular interest to me was a very candid essay written by a young man who most transparently shared his battle with an addiction not uncommon in our society. Often times, we shun, ridicule, or reject those who have very real battles with things that are most often hid in a closet or swept under a rug because no one wants to talk about that “stuff”. Yet this young man wanted others to know that the struggle is real and that this habit was taking over his life, interfering with his daily thoughts and perceptions of the world around him, as well as affecting his relationship with Jesus. He poured out his heart and shared how Jesus had called him out of his sin, wanted a more abundant life for him, and then gave him the power to overcome. He is free in Christ, though admittedly at the mercy of His Savior for continued help to keep his focus off of the habit that was stealing his soul. Maybe I didn’t establish that this young man is 13. Yes, just 13 years old and already witnessing to others as to the power of Jesus to help us overcome.
I am so thankful when I read about journeys like this. They are real, raw, honest and shared from the hearts of those who have had a real “Encounter with Jesus”. They are inspiring, assuring and proof that Jesus is at work in our schools and in the hearts of our young people.
To read more inspirational stories, please order a copy of your own devotional book, “My Encounter with Jesus” at:
For just $12.99, you can follow these types of journeys and also support our students as they use this platform as a voice for sharing Jesus.
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MARCH 2021






It is a pleasure to share with Arizona constituents and friends the many wonderful things happening within our Conference. May you catch our vision for winning men and women, boys and girls to Jesus!







 “And because you are sons, God has sent forth the Spirit of His Son into your hearts, crying out “Abba, Father!” Therefore you are no longer a slave but a son, and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ.”

Galatians 4:6-7







When I was a teenager I had neighbors who were strict Orthodox Jews--a mom, dad and two young boys in the family. I remember coming out of my apartment one day and walked past them sitting on their front porch. I heard one of the boys calling to father, “Abba, Abba!” It was tender and so heartfelt, and I wondered if that’s what Paul meant when he wrote this letter to the Galatians.



Do you see yourself as truly a son or daughter of God? I believe if you do it will truly change how you live your life. This little boy was completely trusting that his father was there for him when he called out to him, and his cry was not in vain as his father came to him right away.



I believe our Father in heaven longs to do that for us as well. He longs for the opportunity to help us, and He loves to hear us call out to Him as our Father.