Pastor's Corner

Pastor's Corner


  Carol and Pastor Bob Lawson

It is our joy to share our love of Jesus with you!  He is our life and reason for being.  We hope
you are brought closer to Him through this website.  Look around, connect with some of the
experiences, learn from the Bible studies, or find a link which brightens your day.  Our web
viewers are always welcome and invited to join us for services on any Saturday at the SW
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Pastor Bob Lawson

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Dear church members and friends,  


Twelve-year old David had walked the three miles to church every Sunday as long as he could remember.  It was just what you did.  During one of the sermons that he found particularly boring, his attention was drawn to a picture that he had seen countless times before.   

It was a picture of Jesus smiling with his hand outstretched to those around him.  In the crowd were those who were sick, crippled, blind and lame.  As David continued to stare at the picture he felt as though he was moving closer and closer to Jesus.  David heard the pastor say, "Christ who loves all people, who loves everyone, needs you and your hands to minister to others."  At that moment David knew what God was calling him to do. 

So it was that David Livingstone in 1825 responded to the drawing power of Jesus, and became one of the best-known missionaries and explorers on the African continent. 

"Jesus says, 'if I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto Me.' John 12:32. And as one is drawn to behold Jesus uplifted on the cross, he discerns the sinfulness of humanity. He sees that it is sin which scourged and crucified the Lord of glory. He sees that, while he has been loved with unspeakable tenderness, his life has been a continual scene of ingratitude and rebellion. He has forsaken his best Friend and abused heaven's most precious gift. He has crucified to himself the Son of God afresh and pierced anew that bleeding and stricken heart. He is separated from God by a gulf of sin that is broad and black and deep, and he mourns in brokenness of heart."  Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing pg. 9   

It is my goal that Jesus is uplifted in every thing I do.  Every sermon preached, every Bible study given, every prayer prayed, every conversation spoken, is to help you know the incredible Lord who wants to permeate every part of your life.  Christ is the only one who can change a life, and give meaning and purpose to living.  Contemplate every day his life and sacrifice, and allow him to break your pride so He may remake you into His image.

In Christ,

Pastor Bob