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The One-Day Church and School Project in Partnership with Maranatha (Books for Kids)


It's hard to imagine sharing one Bible with 20 other church members, but that is the experience of many Christians in Africa. When their biggest worry is getting enough food to survive, they can't afford to be building up their home libraries.

Review and Herald vice president for marketing, Dwight Hall, has travelled to Africa several times. “I met a pastor of a church with about 200 members,” says Hall. “He told me, 'I'm the only one who has a Bible.'”

To satisfy their hunger to read and to learn, believers pass books from home to home until the binding breaks into pieces. Then the remaining sheaves of paper are shared. “I've been to places where people have been proud to have a single page out of the Bible,” says Dick Duerksen of Maranatha Volunteers International.

Marantha and the Review and Herald are responding to this famine for good books. “It is very simple,” says Hall. “Maranatha has been building churches and schools in countries where funds are limited, and the needs are many. The Review and Herald has been publishing books and Bibles and sending them around the world, particularly to places where souls are thirsty for the Word of God. Now we're going to work together.”

Maranatha has put up about 2,000 One-Day Churches in third-world locations. A One-Day Church is a 20- by 38-foot steel structure that can be built in a matter of hours. The One-Day School is a 21- by 30-foot classroom.

The Review is complimenting their mission work by putting together two book packages, one that that ships in the container with the building materials for a One-Day Church, and one that goes with a One-Day School.

The package for churches has over 500 volumes including Bibles as well as books that focus on prophecy, church history, and scripture study. It even includes songbooks. The school package provides 450 titles, many of which are Bible-based story books aimed at a variety of reading levels.

“Let me ask you: What good is a school without books?” says Hall. “Or how is a church supposed to fulfill God's commission without Bibles?”

“All these people know is what they have heard others say,” says Duerksen. “The opportunity to study books for themselves would change their lives.”

The Review and Herald pledged to double the value of all donations. For a $100 gift to the One-Day Partnership, the Review will ship $200 worth of books overseas. A donor can provide a shipping pallet full of books destined for either a church or a school for a gift of $1,500.

A gift of any size will make a difference says Hall. “These folks have nothing. We have everything. All we have to do is skip eating out at a restaurant, and the $30 we save could provide ten books that will eventually be passed to hundreds of people. “If we had that mindset, think how we could spread the gospel to Africa, New Guinea, or the Philippines.”


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