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Evangelist John Earnhardt was born in a tavern and spent much of his childhood playing around a racetrack with a boy named Dale. Dale Earnhardt grew up to be a legend in NASCAR racing, but John took a different road to glory. Race to Victory Lane is the story of how he became a champion of God’s redeeming love.

Earnhardt says that this book has created opportunities for him to enter racetracks and distribute materials such as Race to Victory Lane, Steps to Christ, and Signs magazineto racing fans. Motor Racing Outreach has asked him to give worships at various NASCAR events, and as a result of these worship talks he has been invited to speak in both Baptist and Methodist churches.

In 2006 church members from Greeneville, Tennessee, gave out thousands of copies of Race to Victory Lane during a NASCAR event at the Bristol Motor Speedway. After the event they were invited to partner with Raceway Ministries each year by operating a hospitality tent in one of the area campgrounds. Packets containing Race to Victory Lane and other sharing books are distributed at this tent. The church members also conduct worship services on Sabbath and minister to the campers in various ways.

Ellen White wrote, “At every large gathering some of our ministers should be in attendance. They should work wisely to obtain a hearing and to get the light of the truth before as many as possible” (Evangelism, p. 35). The turnout at each of the 86 NASCAR events held every year ranges from 30,000 to 250,000 devoted fans!

God is using Race to Victory Lane to break down prejudice and open the doors to reach thousands of people with the gospel message. Resources are needed to fund the distribution of this book at upcoming NASCAR events. Consider what you might do to help one more loyal fan learn about the ultimate race—and how they can find themselves in God’s victory lane.

Listen as John Earnhardt presents the message Race to Victory Lane. Part 1

                                                                                                    Race to Victory Lane, Part 2

                                                                                                    Race to Victory Lane, Part 3



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