Good News TV builds Television Station in Yuma,  sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.  
   The Good News TV Team came to Yuma the first week of December
to construct a new television station there.  View the photos of the construction progress.   Despite obstacles when the transmitter was rejected by customs and delays in getting a temporary transmitter, the Lord blessed and the transmitter arrived just in time to be dedicated to God and now viewers in Yuma can scan for digital stations and tune to channels 39-1, 39-2, 39-3, and 39-4. 

   Good News TV is now on the air in Payson ch 38, Prescott ch 32 and 19 and Yuma ch 39.  Viewers will need to rescan for channels to receive Good News TV in these areas.   GNTV Program Guide.

   To learn more about Good News TV visit them at:    You may view Good News TV live on their site by clicking on the TV image or "WATCH NOW" in the top right corner of their website.   Pacific Union Recorder Article Link.

                         Antenna Tower Site                                                                         Transmit Antenna Heading Up

                Tower Crew securing Antenna                                                     Leland Preston working on STL tower

        Moses Working Inside Rack                             Rack Interior                                          STL Tower with inspector bird on top

     Leland installing cable terminations                                          Yuma Central SDA Church Baptistry

       Yuma Central Pastor George Boundey and Luke Skelton              Luke Skelton, GNTV director presenting GNTV on the screen
        Luke Skelton demonstrates GNTV live on the air                                   Susan and Luke Skelton sharing GNTV
                                                         Pastor Boundey dedicating the station to God
Gila Mountain Church Pastor
Mel Phillips prays for the ministry   Luke Skelton, demonstrates GNTV TV Live at Gila Mountain             Steve Denny
    Sharing how God led in bringing the Transmitter to Yuma                      Luke and Susan Skelton sharing GNTV
                                     Pastor Mel Phillips. Gila Mountain SDA Church dedicates the station to God.

GNTV Payson

GNTV Prescott

GNTV Flagstaff