GNTV Flagstaff

GNTV Flagstaff


                                                                                                              Construction Crew with GNTV Director, Luke Skelton


   Good News TV has built their Flagstaff television facility and is now broadcastng to the community.   Cottonwood church webmaster and TV engineer Roger Doering met with Luke Skelton, GNTV president and others to help with the project and took these photos.  Viewers in the Flagstaff area are able to use an off air antenna aimed toward Mt Elden.  They need to rescan their television and find GNTV on UHF channel 19. 

   Good News TV is now on the air in Flagstaff ch 19,  Payson ch 38  Prescott ch 32 and Yuma ch 39.  Viewers need to rescan for channels to receive Goods News TV in these areas.

   To learn more about Good News TV visit them at:    You may view Good News TV live on their site by clicking on the TV image or "WATCH NOW" in the top right corner of their website.   Pacific Union Recorder Article Link.

       Transmitter Site                                                         View from the Site overlooking Flagstaff

   Luke Skelton, Stephen Dennny, and Leland Preston getting ready to take antenna out of the box       Moses Tyler opening crate

                                 Television Antenna                                                                                                      Site from Below.                                              
  Leland Preston, Moses Tyler, and Luke Skelton assembling Antenna Mount    Stephen Denny taping Luke Skelton reporting

      Stephen Denny and Moses Tyler installing Antenna on the Tower                                            Antenna Installed

Stephen Denny Grounding Antenna Coax           Inside Transmitter Room           Stephen Denny and Moses Tyler Work on Tower
                                        Flagstaff Broadcast Site at Sunset                     

Payson GNTV site

Prescott GNTV site

Yuma GNTV site