New Books

New Books

The Library has added several new books which you may find interesting. 

The Ellen G White Encyclopedia, now in the library as a reference book where you can do research to find information about Ellen White from persons she had contact with, her views and teachings on a multitude of subjects - doctrine and theology, places she was involved with, key events during her life, issues on health and lifestyle,

  A Brief History of Seventh-day Adventists
George R. Knight Paperback Book
From the denomination's founding to the present, the author takes you step by step through the development of the Church. At the focal point is the missionary emphasis that literally propelled Adventism into every corner of the earth.


  The Trinity, by Whiden, Moon, and Reeves gives not only Biblical basis for belief in the Trinity, but also outlines the background of our church pioneers including Ellen White and shows the history as they progressed in knowledge and thought about the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.   The book ends showing how an understanding of the Trinity affects one's views about Salvation and the Great Controversy.  This book is found in the doctrinal section.

Among Seventh-day Adventists the Doctrine of the Trinity. . .


 is often taken for granted. But increasingly it is opposed by a small minority who have retreated to the anti-Trinitarian position of the pioneers. In response the authors, each a specialist in his field, trace the doctrine of the Trinity through Scripture, church history, and the writings of Ellen G. White.



The first section surveys the biblical foundations of the doctrine and addresses objections that have been raised. Other sections trace the development of the doctrine in Christian history, in Adventist history, and in the writings of Ellen White. The authors explain why the doctrine was resisted by many of the leading pioneers.



The final section asks "So what?" It discusses the theological and practical implications of Trinitarian belief, worship, and practice, showing how it affects what we believe about salvation, atonement, the great controversy, and other significant doctrines. With glossaries, bibliography, and index, this comprehensive primer on the Trinity will shed new light on the central beliefs of Christianity, and show how God still leads His church into all truth

    George Knight authored several books giving background and understanding of the work of Ellen White. 

  Meeting Ellen White
George R. Knight Paperback Book
This book introduces readers to the fascinating life and role of Ellen White. The author presents a biographical overview of her life and explores the major themes and categories of her works. Especially helpful for new Adventists.
  Ellen White's World
George R. Knight Paperback Book
This fascinating look at the world in which Ellen White lived provides a deeper appreciating and understanding of her writings. Includes many photographs and drawings illustrating life in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

Ellen White's World shows society's culture, norms, and values throughout her lifetime. Public knowledge about health principles in particular was quite limited.  This book paints a picture of the world she came from and how her visions provided truth in a world of chaos. 

  Reading Ellen White
George R. Knight Paperback Book
The author deals with issues that have long been at the heart of Adventist understandings and misunderstandings of their prophet. Part one focuses on the need for interpretive principles, Ellen White's relation to the Bible, and the purpose of her writings. Part two looks at principles for interpreting Ellen white's writings and part three deals with principles of application.


  Walking with Ellen White
George R. Knight Paperback Book
Here is an intimate glimpse into Ellen White's personal life--her joys and struggles as a wife, mother, friend, and Christ


White Estate William Fagal Answers

  101 Questions About Ellen G. White
Ellen G. White Estate Paperback

If you could ask one question of Ellen White, what would it be? Elder William Fagal, associate director of the Ellen G. White Estate, provides thought-provoking answers to 101 of the most frequently asked and often most controversial inquiries. He exposes many of the myths that have developed and introduces readers to the real truth about this inspirational author.


    The Cross and It's Shadow by S.N. Haskell, one of our early pioneers explains how the ceremonial laws pointed forward to christ and how he fullfilled these laws.   This book makes the Sanctuary service and the varous ceremonies come alive in the context of the Cross and How Jesus fullfilled them. 

The sanctuary service "was the most
wonderful object lesson every given to mankind"
–Page 37

Drawing solely from Scripture, Stephen Haskell gives you a clear, concise understanding of how the Old Testament sanctuary captures the entire theme of the gospel and represents the work of Christ in our behalf today.

You’ll learn how each facet of the sanctuary and its services, the different offerings and feasts, and the work of the high priest directly illustrate your personal salvation through Christ.

"In the sanctuary, the cross of Christ is the great center of the whole scheme of human redemption. Around it clusters every truth of the Bible" (p.ix).