Learning About Our Universe -- Aurora Borealis


   Scientists are learning more about our universe and it's magnetic fields in a computer simulation meant to explain a phenomenon of rapid electron aceleration in space which has been detected by NASA space probes.  Jan Egedal at MIT theorized that the magnetic field has been swept outward by the solar wind and the flux lines reconnect further out in space.  Recent computer simulations are proving this to be the case.   Link to  watch video  This also explains the aurora borealis.  
   "Egedal explains that as the solar wind stretches Earth’s magnetic-field lines, the field stores energy like a rubber band being stretched. When the parallel field lines suddenly reconnect, they release that energy all at once — like releasing the rubber band. That release of energy is what propels electrons with great energy (tens of thousands of volts) back toward Earth, where they impact the upper atmosphere. This impact is thought, directly or indirectly, to generate the glowing upper-atmosphere plasma called the aurora, producing spectacular displays in the night sky."  
   Solar wind from the sun shown at the left of the photo travels toward earth where the magnetic flux lines instead of being concentric around the earth become stretched out parallel to one another and can go for miles into space.  When the flux lines reconnect in space, they short together and release the energy stored in the field and the field collapses back toward earth creating "hot" electrons traveling at high speed which can affect satellites, spacecraft, and produce auroras. 
   The heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament showeth his handiwork.
Psalm 19.  Just think of the power of our God as he created the earth and hung the
stars in space balancing not only forces of the gravitational fields, but the electro-
magnetic fields as well.   He spake and it was done.  He commanded and it stood fast.  Psalm 33:9  What manner of Man is this that even the winds and sea obey him.
Matthew 8:27, Luke 8:25.

 see  Aurora's from the International Space Station with segment showing flux lines as the energy from a Solar Flare creates an aurora